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Types of therapies
Relaxing massage Relaxing Massage
Relaxing massage is one of the most common and favorite techniques people like to receive, actually it is called Swedish Massage as well. It uses gentle and relaxing movements.


- Improve energy and concentration.

- Help to resist illness.

- Reduce stress and give serenity.

- Decrease insomnia and improve sleep quality.

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Half hour 1 hour 1 hour and half 2 hours
$14,7 $22 $33 $44

Hot stone massage Hot Stone Massage
Hot stone massage is like the standard massage therapy, however this one uses smooth heated stones positioned on zones where the body reacts positively.

The therapist use them to warm the muscles and later give a soft massage with a gentle pressure.


- Help to reduce the chronic pain of muscles and articulations.

- Produce a deep relaxing effect.

- Eliminate neck and back pain.

- Contribute to remove toxic substances from the organism.

Make an appointment: (506) 2515-2515

50 minutes 1 hour and half 2 hours
$22 $33 $44

Therapeutic Massage Therapeutic Massage
This massage has been disigned for people that need contractures treatment, so when the therapist touches the different musculature tissues it will apply more pressure than normal.

Finally the resultant effects will help in:

- The inmune and nervous system.

- Increse the blood circulation.

- Reduce the stress and tension.

- Elevate the person positive mood and job performance.

Make an appointment: (506) 2515-2515

1 hour 1 hour and half 2 hours
$22 $33 $44

Lymphatic Massage

This treatment removes and drain the accumulation of toxins in the Lymphatic System. This technique is based on mild movements that activate the circulation of lymph through the body.

Also this massage reduce the ganglion inflammation, the cellulitis and improve the performance of the immunologic system.

Make an appointment: (506) 2515-2515

1 hour 1 hour and half 2 hours
$22 $33 $44

Reflexology Reflexology
The reflexology therapy consists on applying pressure in specific points in the bottom of the feet and the palm of the hands.

These areas are connected with certain organs or body parts.

The benefits of receiving it:

- Prevents strong headaches.

- Improves sleep.

- Aliviates feet aches.

- Increses body energy.

Make an appointment: (506) 2515-2515

Half hour 1 hour
$14,5 $22

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Spa Armonía y Salud

Spa Armonía y Salud

Located in:

In Front of the Hospital Cima.
Phone: 2289-0770

San Rafael Abajo de Desamparados:

Centro Comercial los Higuerones.

Call Center Schedule:
Monday thru Sunday from 8 am to 8 pm including Holydays.


Masajes Costa Rica

Masajes Desamparados

Spa Costa Rica

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(+506) 2289-0770


(+506) 2515-2515
(+506) 2515-0051



Monday thru Sunday
From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Location in Escazú:
In front of The Hospital Cima, over the parallel road. Next to Fischel drugstore.

Location in Desamparados:

Centro Comercial Los Higuerones, San Rafael Abajo de Desamparados,  San José, Costa Rica

How to get Armonía y Salud Desamparados? 

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Qualified Massagist

Our qualified therapists are professional massagist that will help you to feel better after few minutes.